03P-9, "Solid Rock" (September 27)

I met Keith Le when he arrived at my apartment to take me to Mosaic's "Highlander" event. I'd gone to the church's new  Beverly Hills meeting a couple of weeks before. We talked on the way to and from "Highlander," and of course sand sculpture was part of the conversation. Keith came down the weekend after "Highlander" to try it for himself, he being the hands-on type of person he is.

Photo by Rich Johnson
Here's a very rare kind of image: me, free-piling sand. Shirt is off because sand flies everywhere during this process and it's easier to rinse myself off. Clicking on the image will show a larger version, which allows you to see the sheen of water around my hands. Right hand is patting the wet sand to pack it, while my left hand holds the edge in place to help it get packed.

Construction photos by Rich Johnson

Official Builder Photograph by Richard Johnson

Here is another kind of very rare photograph. Rich had an uncanny ability to stay out of photographs so I have very few images that show him. In this case I think he was talking with Keith and missed the fact that I was framing a shot. Unfortunately, the wide-angle photo makes him seem smaller than life, which was most emphatically not the case in reality.

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