03M-12 (October 11)

The multiple sculpture was born from the concept of using more than one of my typically small sculptures fill the typical sand sculpture contest plot. I made the first one at Harrison Hot Springs in 1996 and had followed that with many more experiments.

In 1997 the free-piled sculpture came in for its own revolution. Before then I had treated free-piling as the lesser path to sculpture but by the end of the year the technique had become equal-but-different.

In 2002 the multiple idea collided with the free-pile technique and produced some very interesting sculptures. They were also earthworks-friendly. Sculptures that are tall and slender are difficult to integrate with earthworks that can be done in any reasonable amount of time. Toward the end of the year there were serious questions about what kind of sculptures these were. Multiples, yes, because I made more than one pile, but they were integrated into one piece and surrounded by earthworks.

I waffled. Some were assigned a P (free-piled) number, some got the M. Later on I settled on P, no matter how many piles there were. In 2003, though, this was still to be settled. This sculpture could have easily been given a P build number... but it is also more separate than some of the others.

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