Table of Contents

January 1: 03M-1 (2-unit formed multiple; Toolmaker report #8, Cercoscreenus)

January 10: 03F-1 (Toolmaker report #9, Cercoscreenus and design sequel)

January 25: 03P-1, 03P-2 (informal, done while skateboarding, no photos)

January 26: 03M-2 (2-unit free-pile multiple with earthworks, no photos)

January 31: 03M-3 (2-unit free-piled, no photos)

February 1: 03P-3 (no photos)

February 8: 03F-2 (includes report)

February 15: 03M-4 (4-unit free-pile, with earthworks)

February 16: 03M-5 (2-unit free-pile, with earthworks)

February 22: 03F-3 (Toolmaker report, discussing multiples)

March 1: 03M-6 (free-piled)

March 8: 03F-4 (includes report)

April 15-16: 03M-7 "Islands" (3-unit formed with earthworks, includes report)

May 3 sculpture plans cancelled by rain, of all things

May 9 sculpture plans cancelled by high wind

May 17: 03F-5 "Choosing to Join" (for Stef and Bert. Toolmaker #10, Rectascreenus A)

May 24: 03M-8 (3 units, free-piled with earthworks)

May 25: 03M-9 (3 units, free-piled with earthworks and grooves)

May 31: 03F-6 "Knock-Off" (includes report)

June 21: 03M-10 (free-piled)

July 4: 03P-4

July 6: 03M-11 (free-piled)

July 19: 03P-5

August 1: 03F-7 (includes report)

August 16: 03P-6 (simple arch on Glacier Creek sandbar, Colorado)

September 12: 03P-7 (monolith done on bike ride; no images)

September 13: 03P-8 (monolith)

September 27: 03P-9 "Solid Rock" (monolith, with Keith Le)

October 4: 03P-10 (with Maurice, no images)

October 11: 03M-12 (free-piled)

October 25: 03P-11

November 8: 03P-12

November 22: 03P-13

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